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2010-04-27 03:19:21 GMT
twentyforty Trusted

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*** 2-pass 720p encoding for computers (PC, Mac), PS3 or Xbox. ***
*** Video is 1280x720 H264; audio is 44.1 kHz/stereo AAC LC and container is MP4. ***

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SUBTITLES: external, English, English for hearing impaired.

I recommend CoreCodec for H264 (avc1, x264) video-playback, free DivX 7 for AAC sound-playback (and .mkv with AAC), Haali splitter (free, comes with CoreCodec) as the fastest and best combination for Windows Media Player. This is what I use.
VLC player (free), mplayer (free) and KMplayer (free) are available as alternative for all platforms (operating systems) out there and have BUILT-IN codecs and MP4 capabilities. But, video quality is approx. 10-15% lower, blurrier at least on system I have.
One can try CCCP matroska codec pack, where ffdshow codec/filter packs and Haali splitter comes in one package and support MP4 playback - but extra caution is required during the install process.
QuickTime of course, supports H264/AAC natively.
PS3 + HDMI cable + newer TV have been reported as best combination.
I am very proud on sound quality and hence I recommend use of stereo system and proper loudspeakers (connect Line Out of Soundcard or standalones with Line In of any Stereo rack).
And please, do not watch it with a nose in the screen, take proper distance to the monitor or TV (as advised in TV manuals).
Many of movies I encode have embedded or external  subtitles. So far, only VLC player is able to use them correctly.


really excited for this version, hope it is as good(the .h264)as I think it will be. I always wonder why people don't take the time to encode well.

it is taking a while to download, but I will seed..
@phelixian: There is no difference between x264 and H264. Both uses same compressor (co - part of codec).
Please - do seed.
And yes, download IS slow, especially when people do not understand what initial-seeding means and how it works. As matter of fact, I am slow in upload and having 460 peers instead of 16 fast guys make exactly what you have described as "slow download".
On bright side, in direct comparison to "official" 720p which is 3 times bigger, in every aspect, quality is so much higher (if one use playback systems I have or... if one is - sane), than in reality, these two can be compared only by same frame-size.
I"m waiting for the 24s8e19from u(quark). kindly make it fast possible...thanks 2040
Hi 20-40,
Thanks for the encode/upload.

@ ALL:

Upload to TPB is broken again - same as yesterday. VIP members can upload - I can't.

Well... waiting for Godot...
Tuesday: Chuck, "24", Gossip Girl, NCIS LA as 272p MP4 H264;
"24" and "You don't know Jack" as [quark]
24.S08E19.272p.HDTV.H264 is on demonoid dot com.
and here too... TPB came to life.
when is chuck coming?
Hmmm... No video for me on playback using Quicktime, Dvix Player (black screen) or VLC (white screen) on Mac. Just has sound and subtitles.

@JakesterX: Yeah, for sure. I bet that files over Giga plays fine...
HMMM!!! TPB upload has been broken for what two days!! I noticed that Demonoid has been down since Sunday or Monday. Things to make make you go.....

if upload is broken here, are you uploading somewhere else?
On TPB upload for non-VIP members is broken.
Demonoid is completely down.
@TKOG: If you have eMule (or some working edk program) you might do Search for some [quark]s. Bigger files make no sense. It's currently only working alternative, but slow as hell.